Wheelchair User On Her Way To Pole Dancing Championships!

  • A woman born with a spinal defect isn’t letting that get in the way of her pole dancin’ dreams!

    36 year old Erin Clark was born with sacral agenesis, a spinal defect which stops the base of the spinal column from forming properly. She took up pole sports just last year and has already won her fair share of competitions. When she first started competing, there wasn’t a category for disabled pole athletes.

    Even still, she won a silver medal at the Spanish National Pole Sport Championships last year. She said that she frequently loses points for not pointing her toes which is something she physically can’t do.


    So as more competitions include a disabled category, a concern is making that category as inclusive as possible.

    That kind of activism has led the rules to be modified for the championships to better accommodate disabled performers. She said, “I know that there’s an assumption that because I’m deformed and can’t walk that I should definitely be uncomfortable with my body and not like it and want to change it.”


    Erin’s trainer describes her as an activist saying, “She’s the best performer, I mean, she’s amazing, she rocks the stage. She has this ability to show the emotion, I don’t know any people who have this naturally. She’s really good, she’s a really good performer.”

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