Autistic Boy Writes Suicide Notes Asking Mum To Kill Him

  • A child with autism has written several heartbreaking suicide notes and has even attempted to kill himself with scissors.

    Over the course of a year, 8-year-old Jack Rogan wrote notes to his mother telling her he wanted to die. The notes said: “what is wrong with me,” “I hate my life,” “I wish that mom kill me,” and “I don’t know who I am anymore.”

    His mother, Kerry Linnel also took notes of the things he said aloud to her. Things like: “I want you to burn me alive,” “Take me to a volcano and push me in the lava,” and “put me in a graveyard and say RIP to Jacko.”

    Kerry revealed that he even tried to take his own life with a pair of scissors. Following the attempt, she took Jack to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where doctors said that there weren’t available beds in a specialist unit. He was placed in a ward without mental health treatment and has been there for seven weeks, waiting.


    Kerry explained that all this distress came after Jack struggled to fit into a new school. She said: “It’s a terrible situation, and it just tears me apart I’m not able to give him what he needs. As he’s getting older he realizes how different the world is to him, and it makes him feel like a bad person. He would kick and punch me, pull my hair, bite himself and try to pull his ear off. Then he’d start sobbing afterwards and start saying those things.”

    Kerry has stayed by his side in the hospital 24/7 to make sure he doesn’t harm himself. She’s even given up work to care for him.

    The feel-good news of this story is that Jack’s Facebook page has gotten extremely popular. His mum said: “I’ve had over 100 cards and 30 gifts from people – some from New Zealand – after I posted on Facebook.” She explained that he’s feeling loved and wanted in the world after receiving so many messages, cards, and gifts.

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