Mexican YouTuber Nana Pelucas KILLED BY DRUG CARTEL


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  • Mexican YouTuber “Nana Pelucas” was shot dead in Acapulco, apparently for revealing information about drug gangs in her videos.

    Nana Pelucas, whose real name was Leslie Ann Pamela Montenegro, would wear a big wig and glasses as part of her character, and deliver funny rants about local politics.

    While the prosecutor didn’t reveal exactly what sensitive information Nana Pelucas discussed in her videos, he said that she’d received threats in recent months, from gang members and from a corrupt government official affiliated with the Acapulco cartel. Apparently she was shot by several men who walked into her restaurant in Acapulco, A Todos Los Santos.

    Her YouTube channel was El Sillon (see-yoan), which means The Couch, and she would frequently interview local government officials. She would also occasionally make beauty videos under the name Pamika Montenegro.

    She’s the second Mexican YouTuber to be killed by drug gangs in the last two months. Rosales apparently said that drug lord El Mencho could “suck his dick.” Acapulco used to be one of Mexico’s premier resort cities, but it’s now the nation’s murder capital.

    According to the Washington Post, the dominant Acapulco cartel split up over a decade ago, but 20 or so smaller groups now run local neighborhoods.

    Joaquin Badillo, who works in private security in Acapulco, told the post: “They kill barbers, tailors, mechanics, tinsmiths, taxi drivers. This has turned into a monster with 100 heads.” If anything, the killing of vloggers will bring more international attention to the cartel’s activities, since those victims have some visibility online.

    It also makes you realize that, even though we’ve got some major problems in the U.S., YouTubers still have the freedom to say what they want without fear of violent reprisals.

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