Marco Rubio DESTROYED by Parkland Teens in Gun Debate


  • CNN held a town hall yesterday which put Marco Rubio and NRA head Dana Loesch in a place where they could be asked questions by the teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting. We already knew these teens were unstoppable forces, but holy hell, what happened last night on CNN was INSANE. The highlights were many. One going around online — and one of the best parts of the night — was a student named Cameron Kasky asking Marco Rubio, “Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?” The room bursts into applause and Marco Rubio hems and haws and say that people “buy into [his] agenda.” The overwhelmingly negative reaction he received was really something to see.

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  • Another intense moment came from the father of a slain student as he held Marco Rubio’s feet to the fire regarding his support of assault weapons. Rubio looked downright sick at how this night ended up turning out for him and it continued to spiral after he tried to show the importance of avoiding gun control. He said it could lead to the banning of every semi-automatic rifle in North America, leading the audience to burst into applause. Marco Rubio only showed the importance of why the audience was there to begin with.

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  • Finally, it looks like the audience got to Marco Rubio. Oh no. He wasn’t around easily misled rubes anymore. He was around the new generation — a generation that grew up around untold horror and would no longer accept the meaningless platitudes that the generation before them so gladly accepted. In the end, as he is spoken to by a teenager who is about to enlist in the army, Marco Rubio admits he will take a look at the laws which regard magazine clip size — to make semi-automatics less deadly. It’s a step in the right direction and the result of an amazing night.

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  • This new generation is beyond inspiring and a look into what we forgot — that it is possible to stand up to these terrible human beings, and the other forces in your life. Now, many wonder if journalists will finally stand up and ask the same kinds of difficult questions.

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