What’s the Story Behind Soap Cutting Videos?


  • Have you ever wondered how to make it in the entertainment industry? But, are you absolutely not creative, can’t think of a good idea, and don’t know what else to do? Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you. It’s the new social media craze that will at least get you a few thousand views per video — cutting soap.

    So what’s the story behind this hot new trend?

    The Daily Beast recently interviewed a 15-year-old named Amanda who runs an Instagram account called “Soap.Repost.” If a 15 year old can be interviewed about cutting soap… you can too! Amanda says: “I definitely think that soap is the new slime. People have seen a lot of slime and they want something new, something different.”

    These videos are relaxing, soothing, though I feel like slime has the upper hand when it comes to those solid ASMR sounds. The soap just doesn’t cut it with the ASMR sounds.

    Just like other trends, there are the established stars and the up-and-comers. If you’d like to follow other soap accounts here are some popular ones — ASMR Soap Queen has 115,000 Instagram followers, but young upstart SoapyDopey416 is generating a nice following of her own.

    SoapyDopey, 27-year-old Kaelin Brady, told Tubefilter: “I think soap will go places. I feel like it’s just in the beginning phase, like where slime was a year and a half ago. I’m sure people will come up with new ideas. I think we’ll see a whole lot more of it.”

    What do you guys think? Is the soap-cutting craze here to stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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