A Serial Bomber Is Terrorizing Austin, Texas


  • For the fourth time in one month, an explosion has injured residents of Austin, Texas. Police and FBI now believe they are dealing with a serial bomber.

    The most recent bomb was left in a package on a residential road. Despite similarities to the previous bombs, this one was notable as investigators believe it used a tripwire to detonate. It was also left on the side of the road instead of on the doorstep of a home.

    The first bomb went off on March 2, killing 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House at his home in Austin’s Harris Ridge neighborhood. The second victim was musician Draylen Mason, killed after an explosion in front of his house in Central East Austin 10 days later. Mason’s mother was also injured in the blast, but survived. The same day, a package exploded at the home of 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera in nearby Montopolis. She was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, but survived.

    Investigators initially thought the bomb attacks might be hate crimes, as the first two victims were African-American and the third was Latina, but the latest bomb might throw a wrench in that theory… as it was left in a predominantly white neighborhood, and didn’t seem to have a specific target. Two white males were injured in the explosion, though the injuries are not life-threatening.

    Police are asking citizens to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.

    It’s interesting, and perhaps not surprising, that this fourth explosion is generating more media attention and police response, since it happened in a wealthier, white neighborhood. Estivel Garcia tweeted: “First bomb kills a black man; Mainstream media ignores the story. Second bomb kills a black student; Mainstream media ignores the story. Third bomb injures a Hispanic woman; Media ignores the story. Fourth bomb injuries 2 White men; Mainstream media: BREAKING NEWS! Austin Bombing!”

    The latest bombing also suggests that Trevor Weldon Ingram, who was arrested for a bomb threat against a Roots concert at SXSW, is not the serial bomber. The night before this most recent bombing, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley spoke on television, asking the bomber to reach out to them with a motive.

    The police chief also said that they have no leads as of this time to a specific suspect. Austin Police, the ATF and FBI are offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the conviction and arrest of those responsible.

    Now, the sophistication and variety of these four bombs makes experts think that whoever’s doing this has to have received significant training in their use. Think Tank Stratfor Threat Lens told CNN: “The device’s success, despite significantly different design, further suggests that the bombmaker behind these attacks is an accomplished one, and has likely to have received some training, perhaps as a military or police explosive ordnance disposal technician.”

    Of course, since these are acts of domestic terrorism, President Trump has been informed and weighed in on Twitter this morning. He said, ”Sean Hannity on Fox and Friends now! Great! 8:18 A.M.” and  “A total WITCH HUNT with massive conflicts of interest!”

    What do you guys think could possibly be the motive behind such heinous, violent crimes? Let us know in the comments. For more stories, follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.