Florida Carjacker Discovers Baby in Back of Car


  • After a carjacker in Florida stole a white KIA Rio, left with its engine running in a gas station parking lot, he was shocked to discover a baby was still resting in the back seat. The carjacker drove up to a gas station, and left the baby there.

    This feels like the beginning of an 80’s comedy, right? A Florida woman in Palm Beach leaves her car running at a gas station with a baby inside after she runs in for a second to pick up a few items. A car drives up and a man jumps out to steal the automotive vehicle. The entire story is told through security cam footage. We see the owner of the car get out and freak out, but not because her car was just stolen, but because there was a baby in the back of the car! That’s right, folks. This is where the 80’s comedy stylings come in! I mean — I say “comedy” because everything turned out relatively okay.

    The man, upon discovering the baby in his back seat, drove up to a different gas station, banged on the door until the night manager came out, and left. So, the baby was okay, returned to their mother, and the police are currently in search of the car thief. A car thief who apparently has a heart of gold, because a lost car is better than a lost baby, right? I mean, they’re both stressful, but you’ll get a new car. I promise!

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