Is This a Tiny Alien Mummy or a Normal Tiny Mummy?

  • Ablien

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  • Seriously, if you discover a tiny alien mummy, and don’t attribute it to alien visitation, then what are you even doing on the Internet?

    In 2003, a tiny skeleton with an elongated head was discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The skeleton had a minuscule body, much fewer ribs than a human being, and a massive elongated skull. The entire thing looked very alien-like, and that is what believers for the longest time held true to their hearts — that this is indeed alien life. The six inch long skeleton was nicknamed “Ata” and was even featured in the documentary Sirius.

    This documentary attracted the attention of Garry Nolan, a genetics professor at Stanford, who, after doing genetic testing on the skeleton concluded it was, in fact, a genetically deformed skeleton of a fetus — possibly from forty years ago. The skeleton belongs to a fetus of a little girl who suffered from several genetic mutations to do with its bone development. So there you go.

    When my skeleton is invariably dug up in the far future, I hope they think it belonged to a particularly fat alien.

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