Police Fake Kidnapping and Murder To Ensnare Would-Be Murderers


  • A bizarre scene unfolded in a Texas courtroom with photographs showing a fake kidnapping and a fake murder.

    Meghan Verikas broke up with her boyfriend, Dr. Leon Jacob, alleging that he had abused and stalked her. Prosecutors say that fearful that the accusations could damage him professionally, Jacob hired a hitman to kill Verikas.

    It wasn’t just one murder-for-hire either. Prosecutors say that Jacob’s girlfriend, Valerie McDaniel, also wanted her husband, Marion “Mack” McDaniel, killed as well. In order to rope in the alleged perpetrators, investigators staged photos of Verikas tied up.

    These images were revealed in court for the first time during Verikas’s testimony. She also spoke briefly about why she was fearful for her safety after Jacob allegedly stalked her. Mack McDaniel also assisted in staging a photograph, which appeared to show him killed during what was to be a carjacking.

    These images were shown to Leon Jacob and Valerie McDaniel before they were arrested. Valerie McDaniel committed suicide while out on bail in March 2017 by jumping out of her 7th story apartment.

    She left a nearly two-hour long audio recording to the local CBS affiliate in an attempt to tell her side of the story. In the recording, she also says that the undercover officers worked hard to sway her, saying it wouldn’t be enough to just talk to Mack and ask him to leave her alone.

    She said, ultimately, she never wanted to hurt him, but, ultimately, under cross-examination, Jacob admitted that he was “the voice on tape arranging payment after the fake hitman says he is going to kill Mack McDaniel.” Though he claims the money he paid was to help Meghan Verikas leave Houston and go back to Pittsburgh.

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