VIDEO: Stormy Daniels Had Life Threatened by Trump’s Law Team


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  • Stormy Daniels went on 60 Minutes last night in a much-lauded and much-expected interview to talk about her side of the now absolutely impossible to deny affair that President Donald Trump had with the adult film actress. Aside from the depressing and salacious details we already know — for example, how Stormy spanked Trump with a Forbes magazine with his kids’ faces on it for one. (It was Stormy Daniels’ idea apparently, and it was because Donald Trump bragged about the magazine. But, the guy went for it. I don’t know. The guy is okay with being spanked with photos of his kids). Another detail revealed was that Donald Trump leveraged an appearance on The Apprentice for a second meeting with the actress, during which they watched tv shows about sharks — which is both manipulative and depressing.

    But, the most upsetting part of the interview, and of this entire affair, were the threats on Stormy Daniels’ life from Trump’s legal team that came during the 2016 election. As Stormy Daniels describes, fear is what got her to sign the non-disclosure agreement. She and her family were threatened with financial ruin and physical harm. In fact, when Stormy Daniels was going to her fitness class with her one-year-old daughter, a man came out and said: “Leave Trump alone, forget this story,” and then leaned over and looked at her baby daughter and said: “A beautiful little girl. It would be a shame if something happened to her mom.”

    Trump’s lawyer has denied the incident, but also said he doesn’t believe the person exists, which like — is very suspicious. It’s both is a lie and the person is fake? Why say the person is fake if it 100% wasn’t you? Hmm.

    Amazing that in a story where a racist 70-year-old man gets spanked with a photo of his children there are somehow more bottoms to hit. That pun was intended, but I’ll leave it. Maybe someone will say it’s “good writing.” It isn’t though. Don’t let anyone tell you this.

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