Was Corey Feldman Stabbed for Exposing Child Abusers?


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  • Corey Feldman was in the hospital overnight after being attacked in his car.

    The actor tweeted —

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  • According to police, Feldman was at a stoplight at the corner of Reseda and Ventura in Tarzana when someone opened his door and made a “stabbing motion with an unknown object.” Though Feldman says in his tweet that he was stabbed, police say “There [was] no laceration or stabbing to his stomach.” Nevertheless, Feldman feared he may have been stabbed with a syringe and injected with something, which is why he went to the hospital to be tested for poison or a virus.

    Feldman’s attorney told The Blast they have “filed a formal police report that three young Hispanic males jumped out of their vehicle and attempted to instigate a fight.” TMZ says that there is a mark on Feldman’s abdomen where he may have been stabbed with a needle. Investigators say it was likely the result of a road rage incident, but Feldman disagrees. He tweeted —

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  • He’s talking about the “truth campaign” he launched in October 2017 to expose what he calls a ring of pedophiles operating in Hollywood. And he believes he’s been consistently targeted by people attempting to silence him.

    Feldman has successfully raised several hundred thousand dollars through a crowdfunding campaign to make a documentary film exposing at least six men in Hollywood who he claims abused him and other children. Those men included actor Jon Grissom, who appeared with Feldman and fellow child star Corey Haim in the films License to Drive and Dream A Little Dream.

    Grissom does have a previous sex offender record. He served time in 2003 for “lewd or lascivious acts with a teenager.” He also went on the Dr. Oz show to reveal another abuser, Alphy Hoffman, who was the son of a prominent casting director. So — Feldman thinks all these things are tied together, and he’s being targeted for exposing Hollywood abusers.

    The LAPD, however, says they’re not investigating these claims because the statute of limitations has expired. And even some of those who support Feldman’s actions to expose sexual abuse in Hollywood are not happy with him. Feldman previously said that Haim was repeatedly abused and even suggested he may have taken his own life over the matter. But Corey Haim’s sister Cari recently tweeted —

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  • What do you guys think? Was the attack related to Corey Feldman’s actions against abusers or was it just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.

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