Man’s Beer Belly Is Actually 30-Pound Tumor


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  • Folks — there are days and then there are DAYS, you know?

    Kevin Daly thought his beer belly was just the usual collection of calories and carbs, but when the Hoboken, New Jersey financial planner lost 34 pounds, and the belly stayed, he panicked. Kevin went to the doctor and got a cat scan, and the doctor discovered a — 30-pound tumor? Oh my God!

    The tumor was three times the size of what doctors thought it would be, and it was wrapped around his kidneys. Apparently, it had been growing for 10 to 15 years, but I’m glad the doctors caught it before it killed him. The tumor was hard to detect because it resembled fatty tissue and showed no symptoms other than its own growth. So now there is a tumor out there. A big, fat 30-pound tumor, and folks — he needs a home. So, if you can take care of a massive tumor that just got kicked out of his home of 15 years, please — do some good in the world.

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