VIDEO: Horrifying — Cheetah Jumps Into SUV During Safari


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  • How did this guy keep his cool at all? This is terrifying! When wildlife photographer Peter Heisten was on a safari, his SUV got jumped on not just by one cheetah, but by two! One cheetah entered the SUV to forage for food, and it took brilliant will power on the part of those in the car to do what they had to do — not make eye contact and not make any noise so the cheetah didn’t view them as a threat. Peter Heistein said on Instagram

    The video shows my stepson Britton Hayes who was on his first trip to Africa with his dad. We had come across several cheetah who were taking a midday break. We stoped for lunch while observing them.

    After a time they got up and started to move in unison as we were photographing from the road. They moved diagonally across our field of view and as they neared the vehicle the two younger brothers broke off and came towards us.

    The cheetah makes use of high points such as termite mounds to scan the environment. Apparently we represented a unique scouting platform to them. Before we knew it, one jumped on the hood of the safari vehicle while the other made use of the spare tires out back to get into the rear window.

    Britt credits our experienced guide Alex Mnyangabe with helping him stay calm and asked me to film him. While Britt was frightened we never felt any threat coming from the cheetah.

    After a short exploration the three of them moved away to continue their hunt. An amazing experience we will never forget. My thanks to Grand Ruaha Safaris for bringing us to this unique encounter with the wild.

    A thrill? Okay — I guess this happened to the right person then! If this happened to me I would still be screaming from inside the cheetah’s belly! A thrill…

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