Don’t Let Anyone Trick You Into Microwaving Foil


  • You may, apparently, need to me to tell you this. Please don’t microwave aluminum foil.

    This started out as a trend that came over from Japan. Twitter user @Asu_Astell showed people how he made a shiny ball of foil by hammering and sanding down the edges. It was a nice, fun, harmless little trend — until some people out there had to go and make it scary and dangerous.

    A couple of fake tweets used @Asu_Astell’s photos to make it seem like the shiny ball could be made by putting a crumpled bunch of foil in the microwave, and a few additional tweets led some to believe that maybe people were going to put balls of foil in the microwave.

    It looks like it’s all part of the same set of April Fool’s gags, so as far as we know, nobody has taken any of this seriously and actually microwaved foil.

    That being said, we were really curious about what does happen, and fortunately, this 2013 video from The Microwave Show has the answer.

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  • Wow — so it didn’t completely explode, but that still doesn’t look like it’ll be very good for the microwave. Essentially, you should avoid putting anything in there that you don’t want to get very, very hot. But if you have time on your hands, you can make a shiny foil ball.

    It’s a relatively simple process. @Asu_Astell gave these instructions to Buzzfeed.

    Did we just save you from putting aluminum foil in the microwave yourself? You’re welcome! Let us know in the comments.

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