Ariana Grande’s Fans Have Beef With YouTuber James Charles


  • YouTuber James Charles is in a bit of a spat with Ariana Grande’s fans.

    James Charles vlogs about beauty, entertainment and music, and on March 30th he posted a video to his channel titled: “Shane Dawson and Ryland Do My Makeup.” Watch —

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  • It’s all very pleasant and fun until James says Ariana Grande is the “rudest celebrity” he’s ever met. But, wait — what did Arian Grande do to James?

    Apparently, James went to Ariana’s show and posted videos of it to his Instagram story. Ariana saw this, followed James and sent him a DM to show her appreciation. But — due to backlash from Ariana’s fans — she quickly unfollowed him on Instagram, which led to him asking her what happened.

    James attributes it to his “scandal” that was happening at the time. The scandal to which he is referring to is a tweet from February 2017, where he wrote: “I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola.”

    That tweet is very reminiscent of the infamous Justine Sacco tweet from December 2013: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

    That tweet got Sacco fired, but James Charles’ tweet didn’t strongly impact his channel or his deal with CoverGirl to be their first male spokesperson — CoverBoy if you will.

    James tweeted this lengthy apology —

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  • But, some people still said they would no longer buy CoverGirl as long as he was their spokesperson.

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  • The scandal largely blew over, but many Ariana Grande fans are still taking him to task for calling her rude, especially considering his controversial joke.

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  • That is a good point. They’ve never actually met in person.

    James responded to the fan-rage on Twitter, saying: “I’ve messaged Ariana on Instagram apologizing for speaking on the situation in my video but also explaining where I was coming from & why I said what I said. I made it clear in my video I still loved & respected her so if you choose to only hear the bad, that’s on you. Let it be.”

    Ms. Grande herself has been quiet about the whole situation. She hasn’t appeared on Instagram or Twitter since New Year’s Eve.

    What do you guys think? Are you on Team James or Team Ariana? Let us know in the comments.

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