GROSS: Woman Finds Dead Lizard in Her Trader Joe’s Kale


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  • If you’ve ever had trouble justifying your incredible all hamburger diet, boy do I have a good story for you. When Grace Goldstein retrieved her bag of Trader Joe’s kale salad, she looked into the bag and found — a dead lizard? Ew, ew, ew! The bag was completely sealed, and Grace posted a photo of the bag and a receipt for the salad on her Instagram just so you know she’s not fibbing about this disgusting, perfectly blended in, animal.

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  • To answer the most pressing question: “How on Earth did this happen?” — Trader Joe’s is currently investigating. Said Goldstein about her incredible and horrifying discovery: “It was a back and forth between denial and horror, which amounted to a lot of asking my boyfriend to see the bag of kale and identify the lizard and shrieking and pushing it away and refusing to go near it… and then asking to see it again.” She added: “We had reached out to TJ corporate and weren’t sure if we were also going to bring it back to the local store where we bought it and didn’t want a decomposing lizard in the fridge… It’s a little too close to my late night ice cream for comfort.” Indeed.

    So, for those of you reading this at work — looking forward to that noontime Trader Joe’s salad as your little treat — good luck!

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