The What’s Trending Guide on How NOT to “Prompose”


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  • It’s that time of the year again — prom season.

    In the past few years, with the Internet as popular as ever, teens are trying to make the wildest and crazy promposals — and it feels like it’s just to go viral. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what it is. Promposal culture has gotten so popular in the past few years, it’s even an MTV show.

    Our host, Candace Carrizales, asked her good friend Annie (28) her thoughts on the viral promposal culture. Here’s what she said —

    I think they cheapen a proposal and make it a display for other people instead of an intimate display for the person you planned it for, but they’re also wonderful to watch and release a lot of good feeling chemicals so double edge really. Also, it’s fun to imagine someone might like you enough that they’d go to the trouble, but yeah — I’d rather have an intimate one for myself.

    So, you probably clicked on this because you’re a teen that’s like, “I don’t know how to ask someone to the prom,” so — we’re going to help you (even though we don’t have that much experience).

    Step 1 — don’t do this:

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  • Anything cruel, rude, or scary — don’t do it. Nobody wants to feel like they’re going to prison, and then get asked to prom by you and your bad idea.

    Now, let’s talk about other big gestures. Even if you think you have a great promposal idea… it still has the chance to backfire.

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  • This is one of our favorite promposals. To set it up, this guy has a camera in his car and he says it’s for his parents to make sure he’s following the rules (or whatever). The girl believes it, they start to drive past a bunch of billboards/signs, then the unexpected happens — she shuts him down. I guess bigger isn’t always better.

    Another popular promposal that you might not be able to do because you don’t have the resources is this one. Check it out —

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  • They had all just auditioned for America’s Got Talent, but, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the next round. Just kidding — they did. Once again, there was the pressure to say “yes” because she was on national television, but she seemed into him. It was cute.

    Also, take notes — that promposal was very simple. So, what are we trying to say? Keep it simple. Take them out to eat, dazzle them with your personality and charm, get some flowers, and just ask them in a casual, fun, simple-ass way. And, if you’re feeling crazy, you can make a sign.

    Oh, and if they say “no,” going with a group of friends is way more fun anyway.

    Have you been part of and/or seen any epic promposals? Let us know in the comments.

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