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  • Folks, we make it no secret here that we love communicating with our community (that’s you guys), and we love your feedback. Whether you’re sending us comments on how handsome we are in a video, how much you love an article (how much you hate an article), or just that we do not do enough coverage of BTS (we honestly don’t) — we appreciate and love any and all things you have to say.

    It’s true our channels are always open on Facebook, but look — are you watching C-Span? Things aren’t looking good for Facebook, so What’s Trending went out into the world, searching for the best way to connect with our incredible community. Lo and behold, we present to you — Telegram.

    Telegram allows you to send us stories, and tell us what you think of our own! We can be found on Telegram here, and you can sign up via your phone, or your browser, at

    We can’t wait to hear what you think! Telegram is on the fast track to replace Facebook as a leading social media platform, and the best way to interact with each other. Follow us and tell us what you think — either on Telegram or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.