Was Mark Zuckerberg Sitting in a Booster Seat During His Senate Hearing?


  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • There was a lot to discuss in the ongoing congressional hearing of once presidential wannabe, Mark Zuckerberg. The fall out on Mark Zuckerberg’s practice of selling our information to the likes of Cambridge Analytics — and honestly, so many others — (clicking through your Facebook settings will reveal all the strangely random companies that Facebook sold your information to) is yet to be felt, although there is a minor chance it could be cataclysmic. However, today we are here to talk about one thing — did Mark Zuckerberg get a gosh darned booster seat when he was testifying before Congress?

    It certainly looks like he got a nice leathery cushion beneath his little Mark Zuckerberg bottom, and it’s certainly funny that a guy who, as one Twitter user points out, tries to claim that the constant stream of fake information spreading through Facebook doesn’t impact people, wants to appear a tiny bit taller. So, he knows subtle things impact emotion. There’s a lot of troubling information coming from this hearing. Mark Zuckerberg clearly seems completely aware, but not ready to concede that his platform treats human beings as sources of income.

    However, for now — let’s all just laugh that the little man wanted to seem not so little.

  • What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg’s regret about selling our information, and getting a cushion for his butt to try to look taller? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.