Will Ferrell Taken to Hospital Following SUV Accident


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  • Will Ferrell — beloved comedian, movie star, and all around extremely great person — was taken to the hospital following an SUV accident in California. Ferrell was one of five in the SUV when it was sideswiped while on I-5 near Laguna Hills, causing the SUV to spin and eventually flip over. Will Ferrell was then taken to the hospital and was seen talking on his cell phone when he was loaded into the ambulance. Ferrell and the three men in the vehicle have been released with minor injuries, while a woman in the car with them has been taken to a local trauma center following profuse bleeding.

    Will Ferrell was returning from a “Glam Up The Midterms” event for Funny or Die where he and co-host Billy Eichner hosted a show in order to raise awareness of the upcoming midterm elections. Will Ferrell was in character as his Anchorman persona “Ron Burgundy.”

    Like everyone else with a pulse, we are incredible fans of Will Ferrell and we wish him and those in the accident a speedy recovery in all forms.

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