VIDEO: Baby Manages to Unlock Car He’s Trapped In

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  • Guys, being a parent looks absolutely stressful. You have to take care of a little blobby baby who can’t defend himself, and you have to make sure that little blobby baby doesn’t get locked in any cars — STRESSFUL. So, I can kind of understand the father accidentally leaving his kid in the car, and I can absolutely understand the chaotic levels of stress that dad must be feeling. The video above is incredible, as we see a crowd form around a car, trying to urge a baby to hit the unlock button on the father’s car keys.

    The video is so tense! There’s almost a subtle suspense as we see the child get closer and closer to the button on the keys until finally — the child’s little thumb presses it, and the kid looks more scared as the door opens and everyone cheers. It’s very cute, and being a parent looks like the most ridiculous thing anyone can do.

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