Sources Say John Lasseter Will Not Be Returning to Pixar


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  • When John Lasseter was asked to take a leave from Pixar following reports of his serial groping, unwanted kissing and sexual harassment, many were annoyed that this break was a break rather than a firing. It was announced today, however, that Pixar Chief Creative Officer and director of Toy Story 1 and 2, A Bug’s Life, and Cars 1 and 2 John Lasseter will not be returning to Pixar for a variety of reasons. The Hollywood Reporter tells a story about an abusive bully whose smiling persona was a part of his phony exterior that allowed him to terrorize his employees.

    The reasons towards him not returning include that Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, does not want to have to defend a serial sexual harasser, and one Pixar Insider told The Hollywood Reporter: “If John goes back, it will kill women in animation… the message will be so clear: Shut up and take it.” Pixar is working hard to vanquish that message, holding a “day of listening” for its employees and has fired those who protected Lasseter from any consequences.

    The Hollywood Reporter story covers legendary animators Lasseter pushed out of the field (Glen Kane for one, who won an Oscar for Best Animated Short this year), and how he was kept in check by Steve Jobs until Jobs passed away, and how he denied several people — including the original creator of Cars and Brave director Darla Anderson. It’s a troubling story.

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