Why Logan Paul Is Smart to End His Daily Vlog


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  • Logan Paul told his fans this weekend that he’s done making daily vlogs, and wants to “express his creativity in other ways.” In the 17-minute video: “The End of Logan Paul Vlogs” you kind of have to sit through a lot to get to why he’s ending his daily vlogs — he gets into a fight with Evan, he goes to pick up his modified Mercedes G-Wagon (aka The Yeti), leaves a few seconds to praise himself and his success, but he does get there — he’s ending the vlogs because he wants to do other stuff. He also says that YouTube was just his hobby and not his career.

    I mean, we’d love to get paid $12.5 million a year for our hobby.

    So, despite ending his daily vlogs, he’s got a lot of stuff in the pipeline — the sequel to his YouTube Red film The Thinning, podcasts and new music, plus his long-scheduled fight with British YouTuber, KSI.

    Wait, new music? Awesome. Now we might finally get to hear “Stank Dick,” a song he performed only a few times live in LA in 2015.

    At any rate, those plans might provide some answers to the people who frequently Google: “What does Logan Paul do for a living?” What this move doesn’t seem related to is his multiple scandals over the last six months, including a video where he filmed a hanging body in Japan’s suicide forest, or a little while later when he tased a dead rat at his home. What it might be related to is his inability to earn money through YouTube. The platform suspended monetization on his videos after he encouraged his fans to eat Tide Pods, but to be fair — most of Logan Paul’s fans didn’t really care about that stuff anyway.

    His channel actually became even more popular after the controversy. The issue for Logan is how he can take the rabid fandom from literally tens of millions of young people, and turn it into a sustainable, profitable enterprise. It’s honestly a good idea in the long run. If spending half his day making content for YouTube isn’t going to make him money, why do it? Especially if he’s earning enough revenue from merchandise and has enough other platforms to keep him relevant to his young fan base.

    What do you guys think? Is this a smart move on Logan Paul’s part? Let us know in the comments below.

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