VIDEO: Woman Throws Ashes of Niece Who Died in Police Custody in LAPD Chief’s Face


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  • “That’s Wakeisha! She’s going to stay with you!” Those were the words shouted by Wakeisha’s aunt, Sheila Hines-Brim, after she threw her late niece’s ashes into the face of the LAPD chief of police. Wakeisha Wilson died while in police custody in 2016, found hanging in her cell on Easter (2016).

    However, the details concerning her death are suspicious, as her friends and family claim she was not suicidal, and there was a 21-minute gap of time in the security footage that was “inadvertently” deleted by the police that showed the moment of suicide. All of this, of course, raises suspicion as to whether or not Wakeisha’s suicide was faked by the LAPD, an issue that was explored by which the officers were exonerated for. More about it can be read here.

    It is with this history that Sheila Hines-Brim, accompanied by Black Lives Matter activist Melina Abdullah, threw Wakeisha’s ashes into the chief of the LAPD’s face. The pair were promptly arrested and released on bail later. Said Sheila Hines Brim —

    “I used her ashes so they could be with him. So he can feel her because he murdered her. They covered it up.”


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