Lil Tay’s Mom Fired for Real Estate Scam


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  • Lil Tay, for the uninitiated, is a foul-mouthed 9-year-old social media star who yells primarily about how she’s richer than you. She’s raised plenty of eyebrows with her 1.7 million Instagram followers and curious use of the N-word, but where did she get all this money and where the hell are her parents?

    Well, did some sleuthing and found out that her mom is a real estate agent from Vancouver, British Columbia. She’s likely the one running the show behind whatever “character” her daughter is illuminating in Lil Tay, and it may have just cost her her job.

    The prevailing theory is that Angela was using the mansions her real estate firm was selling to shoot Lil Tay’s videos, making her appear like she lives there. According to Vancouver’s Daily Hive, Pacific Place Group was furious when they found out what Angela had been up to on the side and decided to dismiss her. Seeing the writing on the wall, she apparently resigned before her superiors could let her go. So, given the number of sports cars Lil Tay claims to own, whatever car rental company Angela works for is probably on high alert as well.

    Nevertheless, Lil Tay is popular enough to become a significant cash cow if they play their cards right. She’s already embedded herself into the real/fake/who knows feud between Woah Vicky and Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie aka the “Cash Me Outside” girl). She maintains that the beef with Bhad Bhabie is real, even though she previously admitted that her feud with Ricegum was fake.

    So, this entire persona, pretending she’s this big money-making hustler, pretending she lives in Los Angeles when her videos have the Vancouver skyline in the background — it’s probably all an act because she thinks being famous will make her mom happy. Now, look — we don’t know Angela Tian or Lil Tay personally. Maybe she really does want to live in Beverly Hills and make social media her career, but maybe she’s also a 9-year-old girl who doesn’t really know what she wants yet.

    At any rate, whether she lives in LA yet or not, she does appear to be spending more time in La-La-Land, hanging out with rappers like Chief Keef and Lil Pump. And given the success Bhad Bhabie has had transitioning to a rap career, the first Lil Tay rap track can’t be that far behind. Though we’ve got to say that in the ongoing beef, Bhad Bhabie’s music definitely has higher production values than Woah Vicky’s.

    Lil Tay and her management are not revealing any future plans for the moment. In fact, when TMZ caught up with her, she was happy to just drop a Yo Momma joke.

    What do you guys think? Is Lil Tay doing what she wants, or is this all a character created by her mom? Let us know in the comments.

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