Anxiety Ridden People Rejoice: Holland Tunnel’s Spelling Has Been Fixed

A Christmas miracle has come to Port Authority! Sort of. Not a lot of miracles come to Port Authority, but in this case, the miracles have more to do with Christmas tree placing in anything else. So get ready. Get ready for Christmas based adventures tales. When the Holland tunnel was decorated for Christmas a wreath was placed over the ‘O.’

But when it came to the ‘N’ and the ‘U’, boy oh boy. Get ready to be deeply, deeply frustrated. They’re kind of ver the wrong letters, right? Cory Windelspecht commutes to New Jersey from TriBeCa each day for work.

Through the Holland Tunnel, and the placement of the tree over the ‘N’ has been going on for years. So he launched a petition to stop it, and people took notice. Budweiser joined in on the fun and mocked the Port Authority, and the Port Authority took notice.

They launched a five-day poll on moving the decorations. They agreed to ditch the wreath placed over the ‘U’, and move the tree over the ‘A.’ This change has made one of the most frustrating tunnels slightly more tolerable. And all of the New York & New Jersey slept easy that night.

Well, until they realized they still had to get up and sit through the same traffic. Oh, New Jersey. Once the punchline of the world, you’ve been usurped by Florida, and that’s a shame. You guys are the best. I will make sure to drive through this tunnel and proudly salute the tree placement, New Jersey, Christmas, and whatever else I come across that I happen to completely believe in in the current moment.

But what do you think of the new tree placement? Will it make you sleep easier at night? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.