BlockChain Report 10/18 – Release Your Own Cryptocurrency, Sony Into Blockchain

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Want to release your own coin? Now you can! Not saying you should, but you can now release your own coin on the blockchain. According to Cointelegraph, Minter says they’ve developed the “next step” after Bitcoin – which is giving people the ability to create their own cryptocurrency, and set a price for it. Your currency can then be exchanged for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as USD.

Minter says that they’ve gotten transaction fees to be as low as one cent, as well as process those transactions in as fast as five seconds! This means an extremely high amount of transactions can occur without without delays.

Telegram, they plans to debut their Blockchain Platform TON this fall. Cointelgraph reports that Telegram will show off a “Test Version” of TON this autumn. This was confirmed by investors, who said that TON will make use of its in-house cryptocurrency, called Gram. Earlier this year, Telegram raised $1.8 billion for TON.

Telegraph had two private ICO presales, that weren’t available to the public. As it turned out, the fundraising was so successful, that Telegram did away altogether with the public phase of the ICO.

Next up, regulated stablecoins are coming to OKEx. According to CCN, OKEx, which is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume, has decided to list four competitors to USDT. USDT, if you didn’t know, is a stablecoin that is supposedly backed by US Dollars.

However, some people believe that not all of USDT is collateralized. This could mean that USDT could lose its $1 value. As a result, OKEx has decided to list Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Paxos Standard (PAX), USD Coin (USDC), and TrueUSD (TUSD).

Next, Coinbase is expanding further into Europe. According to CNBC, Coinbase has decided to open a new office in Dublin. This is part of a mission by Coinbase to expand its presence within Europe. Originally, Coinbase just had one office in London for European Union users.

But with Britain getting closer and closer to exiting from the European Union, Coinbase decided to create a second office in Ireland as a contingency plan to Brexit. Zeeshan Feroz, the CEO of Coinbase U.K., said “The EU is our most significant market outside the U.S.” Feroz says they chose Ireland because it is an English speaking country, and there’s a LOT of talent coming up in their tech community.

And finally on today’s show, Sony has started using blockchain technology. According to Coindesk, Sony has developed a digital rights management system that uses blockchain technology. Sony announced in a press release that the system will help users manage copyright-related information for digital content, and focused specifically on educational content. This system could soon see a commercial roll out.

The platform will allow creators to share information such as date and time of creation, and the author’s details. It will also automatically verify the rights of a piece of written work.

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