BlockChain Report 10/19: Sell Crypto with a Button

You know, if you want to do that kind of thing.

Welcome to The Blockchain Report, your daily rundown for the latest in crypto with your host Taylor Nikolai. Ever feel the need to instantly sell all your crypto? There’s a button for that.

Have you ever felt like you needed an emergency stop button on crypto? Well this guy actually made one. Motherboard reports that Ilker Dagli, a system and network administrator at Near East University, literally made his own emergency stop button. When asked why he made it, he said: “I decided to invent this button because I saw lots of investors of cryptocurrency [with] complaints about exchange issues, especially when the price falls very quick”.

Next up, the Blockchain Startup “Civil” is refunding all of its investors.

According to TechCrunch, an Initial Coin Offering for Civil has stopped, and the company has decided to refund all of its investors. Civil is a startup that aims to create an economy for journalism on the blockchain, and they hoped to raise $8 million in this ICO. But, the ICO didn’t attract much interest.

But hold up! ConsenSys (a blockchain venture startup) that invested $5 million in Civil last fall, has decided to purchase $3.5 million of their new tokens. Civil chief executive officer Matthew Iles wrote in a blog post: “This isn’t how we saw this going…The numbers will show clearly enough that we are not where we wanted to be at this point in the sale when we started out. But one thing we want to say at the top is that until the clock strikes midnight on Monday, we are still working nonstop on the goal of making our soft cap of $8 million.”

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