BlockChain Report October 26th: Universities NOT Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Another episode, this one focusing on Universities and their relationship to Cryptocurrency.

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First up, universities aren’t too thrilled about accepting cryptocurrency donations. Amid worries about volatility and taxation, many universities are hesitant to accept crypto donations. According to Bitcoinist, many schools have been nervous about accepting ‘atypical donations’ that might disrupt precise investment portfolios.

The University of Puget Sound was the first institution to dive into the world of accepting crypto donations. A few years ago, someone donated $10,000 in Bitcoin, they used Bitpay to facilitate the transaction. ¬≥ø…÷ªThe school sold the bitcoin immediately.

Next, up Parity Technologies founder Gavin Wood demoed launching a blockchain. According to TechCrunch, Parity Technologies founder Gavin Wood demoed launching a blockchain at the at the Web3 Summit in Berlin.

He did it about 15 minutes. This type of thing is unheard of. Substrate, which is part of Polkadot, a llink between different kinds of blockchains, will now come as a standalone blockchain framework. Parity’s Substrate 1.0-beta will be out in November 2018, and he says it will b: “The biggest bet against blockchain maximalism.”
Clip: Quote on screen. In order to prove how easy it was, he went on stage with an unopened Macbook.

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