Brilliant Cat Lovers Making Ice Cream For Their Cats

By freezing wet cat food and water, you can make a cool summer treat for your cats.

Look, we all know you love your cat. Who doesn’t love their cat? They’re this perfect animal, half tiny proud royal, half sweet living teddy bear that purrs when it sees your beautiful face. So why wouldn’t you want to give your cat the best?? I’m talking to you buddy! Yes you! Anyway, that is how some folks in Japan created a treat that if it is beat, we will be shocked: Ice cream for cats?!

By freezing wet cat food and water (yummy!), people are creating cool summer treats for their cats. Ah, my favorite ice cream flavor… liver. Delicious.

n Japan, people are sharing photos of their kitties enjoying frozen treats. It can be a good way to keep cats hydrated when it’s hot, as cats are less likely than dogs to regularly drink water.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Who doesn’t love cats? The answer to both is… monsters. What a sweet story about well fed and hydrated cats! Huzzah!

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