Celebrities Are Wearing Surgical Masks As Fashion Now

Ariana Grande, to the operating room!

Eventually everything every human being has ever worn — no matter how utilitarian or dumb — will become a high end fashion trend when adopted by the rich and famous. Don’t believe me? Check this out. Surgical masks are usually used by doctors trying to save themselves a little bit of lives. You know, a good utilitarian purpose. But now they’ve become fancy, and people are asking, are “couture surgical face masks the newest fashion trend?” To which we say… yeesh.

Ariana Grande stepped out on 1/1/19 wearing a mask over her mouth making a huge fashion statement, but Grande isn’t the first to sport the trend. Here Sofia Richie rocks a similar mask at the airport.

Austin Mahone, Katy Perry, Future and his daughter Londyn, Nicki Minaj, and the rap duo Ayo and Teo all wore the masks, with the latter two wearing them their all of their performances. No word if they then had to save a life.

So why do Ayo and Teo wear the masks?This is because an Instagram follower once asked why they scrunch up their mouths when they dance. This trend has been popular in Japan for years.

While the masks started as a trend for health reasons, it’s now become very cool to adopt them all willy nilly.Masks with cute patterns and brand logos have become a staple fashion accessory. Masks also serve to keep people warm when it’s cold and as a cover up when they don’t want to step out makeup free.

Young Thug’s stylist says that artists like the mystery masks provide, saying “Artists can show an alter-ego. It’s more of a performance, theatrical piece.”High fashion brands like Off White are selling fashion masks for hundreds of dollars. Off White designer Virgil Abloh said: “[Designing the masks] was a natural evolution, to relate to a new demographic.”

The brand’s first mask design sold for $68 each, and almost sold out instantly.

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