Cute As Hell Beagle Brigade Protecting Americans From Swine Flu

Little life saving cuties.

What’s cuter than a beagle? How about a BRIGADE of them? And all of them are trying to save you from swine related diseases. The Beagle Brigade is being employed at the airport, and their job is to sniff out banned food entering the United States. Beagles were used for the job because they’re small, gentle, and have a powerful nose — and they just happen to be America’s best bet against the deadly virus of African Swine Flu.

Beagles have been used as detectors for food since 1984. The beagles put travelers at ease, and the USDA calls the cute little pups “invaluable”. The cute little beagle can roll on through your luggage, finding what needs to be found, sniffing it out, and saving you from eating some bad to eat garbage. Thank you, oh beagle my beagle. Thank you.

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