Half-Naked Statue of Jeff Goldblum Appears in London

Life/Jeff Goldblum's chest finds a way...

A huge statue of iconic actor, Jeff Goldblum, in his classic Jurrassic Park pose, popped up in London on Wednesday, and people are very confused, but loving it either way that there is a hulk-sized half-naked figure of Jeff in the middle of Central London.

Despite many people speculating why Jeff Goldblum has been remade into a gigantic half naked version of himself, the answer is actually pretty simple. British streaming company, NOW TV put up this statue near Tower Bridge in London, to mark 25 years of Jurassic Park, and have named the statue Jurassic Jeff, which has now become a trending hashtag on Twitter.

The company’s official Twitter page posted a picture on early Wednesday morning of Tower Bridge, suggesting that they were going to grace the famous landmark with another very good-looking landmark, that is sure to catch the public’s eye.

Low and behold, Jurassic Jeff was born. The 25-foot statue reflects a famous scene from the film, which shows Goldblum in the same position, wearing the same clothes, dark chest shadow and all. It also looks like the pug is enjoying Jeff as well.

NOW TV even set up beach deck chairs on the green, so that people could admire Jeff in the blazing sun with a front row seat. Even though the 25th anniversary of the release for the film was over a month ago on June 11th, and the fact that none of the film, nor the actor has anything to do with London, it was still nonetheless a huge hit with the British public, and a great token to whoever at NOW TV has a huge crush on Jeff. I mean, who doesn’t?

And perhaps in the most British weigh up ever, NOW TV confirmed how much the 25ft Jeff actually weighs…in the measurement of teabags.

What do you think of the Jeff Goldblum statue? Think it’s a masterpiece? Do you think it should be one of London’s new landmark that will go down in history? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.