Insane Professor Calls Police on Student For Having Feet on Desk

This professor in Texas called the police on a black student for having her feet on the desk and, in his probably racist words, behaving "disrespectfully."

A professor in Texas called the police on a black student for having her feet on the desk, and being, according the professor, disrespectful. There’s a video of it and everything. Very embarrassing for everyone, but most of all for the professor when she has to think about this every day for the rest of her life. We’re going to run out of white sounding names if this all keeps up. Classroom Carla maybe?

Biology professor Anita Moss teaches Anatomy & Physiology 1 class at the University of Texas at San Antonio. According to students, Professor Moss had been irritated with the class for some time. One of the students Yasmine Lane said: : “She’s been very irritable lately —more toward the semester… She’s just been very stressed and that’s what led for her decision to have her escorted by cops.”

Which certainly seems like an excuse for a racist white woman to engage in white America’s favorite game: overreacting to black people. It’s amazing that in the environment of 2018, where so many racist white people have been unmasked and had their lives ruined, some people still go “huh. Maybe I’m the one in the right”.

According to NBC News, the University’s President felt that the episode was a symptom of feelings of marginalization on the part of some students—especially their African American students. And while this particular student, which has wished to remain unnamed, didn’t press any charges, it doesn’t mean the professor is off the hook.

After the investigation, the teacher was found liable for classroom mismanagement and displaying “poor judgment.” She will return to the school for the Spring 2019 semester after taking classroom management training.

What a dope.

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