Jeffree Star Promises MORE DIRT On Laura Lee After She Apologizes For Racist Tweet

Look we love drama, but this drama? This is strong drama!

Jeffree Star has hinted that even more dirt is going to come out about Laura Lee, who’s found herself embroiled in a scandal over racist and fat-shaming tweets from 2012.

Laura Lee is a popular YouTube beauty vlogger who recently celebrated her 5 millionth subscriber, but she’s not celebrating so much because of the resurfacing of a racist tweet from 2012. It reads: “tip for all black people – if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome”

Augh. That’s bad.

She promptly deleted the offensive tweet. But, guess what, folks: this is the Internet. Nothing is ever gone! Several other old tweets also popped up that show Lee engaging in routine fatshaming.

She wrote: “Rob Kardashian is fat,” “A skinny guy with a 6-pack is like a fat chick with tits. It doesn’t count.” and “Careful girls, fat guys just wanna get inside your pantries.” Facing a wave of online criticism, Lee opted not to apologize but to delete her Twitter account.

And this move was met with even more criticism. Ultimately, Laura Lee restarted her Twitter account and posted a lengthy apology.

It reads, in part: “”The insensitive retweet and tweets I made are inexcusable and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone affected by them.” She also said that growing up in a small town in Alabama, she didn’t have the “cultural education” she has now, and says she’ll dedicate significant energy to working with social justice organizations in the future.

Someone who appears to be loving all this is makeup artist and YouTube superstar Jeffree Star. Star and Lee were BFFs until November 2017, when they had a sudden falling out.

He said her soul was “pure evil” and that he regretted ever introducing her to his fans. Now that this scandal has hit, Jeffree Star is continuing to stir the pot.

He tweeted: “The truth always comes out… There’s still so much more to be revealed. Remember, 2018 still has 4 months left ?” And added a Snapchat story where he laughs and laughs…

Some of his laughter may also be directed toward Gabriel Zamora, who had to apologize for his own racist tweet from 2012, and Zamora had choice words for Jeffree Star as well, who’s had his own run-ins with past racism.

As for Laura Lee, she’s back on social media, retweeting her supporters, though she hasn’t released a new video in over a week. It’s unclear how this will affect her channel long term, but many online are thrilled at the prospect of her being “canceled.”

That said, she hasn’t faced a massive drop in subscribers. Do you guys think Jeffree Star has even more dirt on Laura Lee? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.