London to Open “Mamma Mia” Themed Restaurant, “The Party”

"Mamma Mia"... let's go there again!

Themed eateries have certainly become a thing in our nostalgia themed, go go pop culture loving world. Only, where once the eateries were focused on the kind of generic – such as the decade (the 50’s! The 80’s!), or something kind of general in terms of interests (nerd culture!), now we get countless eateries where the theme is some TV show or movie you nerdy so and so’s can’t wait to dig into. In LA alone we have an Austin Powers bar, a Saved by the Bell diner, a Tim Burton bar and a Star Wars cantina, as a Greedo loving populace such as the one we re trapped in this beautiful city with deserves. Well, England is joining the party with a restaurant appropriately called “The Party”, that is here to celebrate the beloved Abba singing, Meryl Streep starring hit, “Mamma Mia”.

“The Party” is set to open in England in 2019 and will feature the music of ABBA, of course. No word if it’s the best place to discover which three men you’ve dated is your real father, but I bet you can get some good Greek food there, right? Of course you can. I’m sure you will all be saying “Here we go again” when you go again to “The Party”. Yeah, let me write the copy for this place, I can do it. I can fill the copy with all kinds of Abba lyrics. Put me in, coach! Put me in! Waterloo! Put me in!

What else does this restaurant have?? Well, we’ve got live performances so the guests can immerse themselves in this pure culture, and if you are filled with money and only want to travel to visit movie bars, there is a “Party” in Stockholm, Sweden, aka, ABBA’s hometown.

Mamma Mia! I guess! What do you think of this themed bar? Would you go if there was one in your area? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.