McDonald’s “Rise and Rave” is Weird Desperate Ploy To Grab Millennials

Dap and Dip!

Fast food chains, those houses of grease and meat (or grease and potatoes if you’re so inclined) are, like so many industries (tuna!) doing their best to reach out to millennials who apparently need a little push to eat disgusting beef and burgers. Thus enter some of these desperate – but delightful – attempts to rope in the younger crowd.

For example, have you heard of the “Rise n’ Rave”? Oh, what’s that? You haven’t heard of what McDonald’s “Rise and Rave”? The Los Angeles breakfast party that lets you eat a breakfast sandwich in a party atmosphere? They’re doing it to promote something called the triple stacks sandwich. And now I am talking about the triple stacks sandwich. The ploy has worked on this specific millennial (nickname: me).

The entire matter is an 18+ dance party to celebrate breakfast sandwiches, so if you’re a huge freak, I have wonderful news.

Meanwhile Burger King has created a stylish app for you to order their Whoppers on, and they’ll sell you a Whopper for the first penny you spend on the app if you order the burger and McDonald’s. Just like my millennial self the Whopper loves and lives for drama and must spill the official Burger King branded tea.

So what do you think? Would these ne’er do well tactics work on you? Or are you the kind of person who makes their food at home and saves their money so they can save up for either a house or a really, really big hamburger. Saving money is important because then instead of a really small burger you can eat a really big burger.

If they really want to appeal to millennials, just make burgers cost a dollar. Yeah, give the dollar menu a push. The millennials will be there just like that!

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