Robot Walks Toward Sunlight To Keep Your Succulent Plants Alive!

Beep boop must protect flowers

Meet Hexa, the six-legged robot. It’s built by robotics company Vincross and was created by company founder Sun Tianqi hacked his Hexa to keep his succulents alive. Robots must protect the plants, robots must protect our beautiful flowers.

The three new Asimov laws of robotics are these
1) Robot must protect flowers
2) Robot must bring flowers to sun
3) Robot kill man to protect flowers!? Now wait a minute…

So how does Hexa work? Well, Hexa follows the light when the plants needs sun, and heads to the shade when it doesn’t. It even dances for you when it needs water.

So the world may be in chaos. The universe may be burning around us as all of us question our greater roles in the world and technology continues to spiral to erode our privacy, but remembers this. You might never have to worry about your succulents again. Thank you Hexa!

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