VIDEO: Russian Nail Salon Offers EYE POPPING Designs

Why can't your fingernails look as glorious as you?

These nail art designs, from Russian nail salon, Nail Sunny, have us both intrigued and absolutely cringing! Would you try them out? From eyeballs to brushes, each of these is absolutely unique and incredible, and showcase the artistry of the nail salon designers therein! You will absolutely love the artful examples set in the video.

For example — tentacle based fingernails. They’re not for everyone, but for one specifically strange person, they are the perfect addition to the ensemble of a given artist.

Or the brush based example. I mean, if you’re that serious about your make up, why not have it on hand to really make your fingernails handy, if you would excuse the pun.

Or how about a candle based nail design. Just in time for Chanukah no less, you can make your fingers a glorious candelabra, and set them alight. Just uhh… be careful, okay? You don’t want these things to melt into your hand. A real What’s Trending no recommend on that one!

In the video above there is so much goodness to pore your eyes over. A melting sandwich is one example, as is a hand covered finger to wrist in hair curlers. And if you too want an insanely fashionable hand, then you are in absolute luck, because this unique nail salon is coming to Los Angeles.

So if you want a hand covered in eyeballs like some freakish Guillermo Del Toro creature, then this place should be your beautiful inspiration. A set of fingers with a baby carriage at the end or a set of fingers with a Catholic cross will make you look absolutely dazzling.

But what do you think? Would you adorn your fingers with these beautiful designs or is it too weird for a huge freak like you? Yeah, I’m talking to you, you big freak. In any case, let us know in the comments, or follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending for more!