Someone Is Selling a 6-Year-Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger and Fries on eBay

The bidding is up to C $150.


In the special features on the DVD for the documentary “Supersize Me”, the producers of the film show how many preservatives lie in a McDonald’s burger and fries by putting it next to a non McDonald’s burger and fries and — over a month — letting us view in horror and awe as the burger and fries simply do not age! Gasp gasp gasp! Well, time to put the elastic nature of the quality of a McDonald’s cheeseburger to the test, as one eBayer from Ontario Canada is selling a burger and fries that are six years old.

The initial price of the burger was $30. The price now? $150. Is the idea to put this disgusting sandwich in a museum to watch it continue aging? To eat it and get extremely sick? Who knows. Clearly this incredibly old fast food meal speaks to the soul somehow. Much like the repulsive sandwich, we too want to live forever and be desired. Huh. Makes you think.

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