“Straddling” Is The Sexy New Instagram Pose You Have To Try

What are you waiting for? Get to the beach!

I know why people come to What’s Trending. It’s not the latest news on what’s going on with the Trump/Russia scandal or the pee tape (although folks, we certainly have quite a bit of that). It’s to get the latest news on how you must pose on that social media known to the local as the “Insta-Gram” (Instagram). And folks, we have an exciting new pose for you — straddling.

Celebrities are “straddling” all over Instagram. The pose is popular as it makes you look leaner and taller, which is absolutely lovely for all the beautiful yet short and stocky folks out there– like me! I’m tall now, folks! I’m doing the pose! Oh, hell yeah!

Kim Kardashian is doing it, and baby sister Kylie is all over it as well. The pose accentuates your chest, hips and booty.
What are you waiting for? Get to the beach! Do it you weirdo! And if you want more exciting straddle or otherwise based news from us, make sure to follow us at @WhatsTrending