The Moon Will Become Blood Red Later This Month During a Total Lunar Eclipse

The longest total lunar eclipse of the century is about to happen.

The moon is about to turn blood red for over an hour and a half. A total lunar eclipse will happen on July 27 and last an hour and 43 minutes. This will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century.

It’s only visible from South America, eastern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, and if you want to catch it you better hurry up! The next total lunar eclipse to be visible in North America won’t occur January 21, 2019.

A lunar eclipse usually happens three times a year. Luckily you won’t need eye protection like a solar eclipse; it’s entirely safe to view with the naked eye!

A lunar eclipse is when the moon is directly in Earth’s shadow, and the red color comes from the Earth projecting sunrises and sunsets onto the lunar surface!

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