TIME TRAVELER Shares Video From Las Vegas 2120?!

But is it real? Or is it all bogus?

A man claiming to be a time traveler shares footage he says is from Las Vegas in the year 2120. The time traveler’s name is Noah, and he first showed up on the channel Paranormal Elite in November 2017, claiming that time travel is already possible but is being withheld by shadowy organizations. That original video, as you’d expect, was met with plenty of skepticism.

After all, he didn’t present any proof. He was just like “Hey, I’m from the future.” So in a follow-up video on the channel ApexTV, Noah took a lie detector test in an attempt to give his claims some credibility.

He said that Donald Trump would win re-election in 2020 and that global climate change isn’t such a big deal in the future. ApexTV is going to such great lengths to make Noah seem credible, but if time travel was real, it would be really easy to prove.

If he can bounce around from time period to time period with ease, just have him go a week into the future and look up some lottery numbers! He could have told us three weeks ago that a Thai soccer team was going to get trapped in a cave but that they’d all get out okay.

But he says he can’t do those things because of paradoxes. Like, I get the paradox where you can’t go back in time and kill your dad because then you’d never be born, but what paradox would prevent you from going back in time and betting on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl?

Maybe he’s talking about a literal pair of doctors that are holding him hostage.

Anyway, that brings us to this latest video from ApexTV, where Noah claims to have a video on his phone from the year 2120.

In the new video, he says he made recent stops in 2060 and 2120, but that when he returned to 2030, he was labeled a traitor for going back in time to reveal information about time travel. He also says in the video that he has ripped pages from future library books that would prove he’s for real…unfortunately, they’re lost at his house right now, because, ugh, clutter, ya know?!

I totally get it. You’ve got some important tax documents, or proof that you’re an interdimensional time traveler, and you’re like “shit, did I accidentally throw that stuff out with the junk mail?”

So, after about 10 minutes of talking about the government maintaining control of time travel technology, and how he’s actually 70 years old but looks 26, he finally reveals the footage.

Apparently the future has a bunch of, I guess, flash animated rocket ships cruising around? He also says the red clouds are due to global warming, which makes it even hotter than usual in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wait a minute, didn’t he says in that last video that climate change was no big deal?

Nevermind, the point is that Las Vegas in the future is a literal cartoon.

Despite the bounty of rock hard evidence, some of the commenters are still doubting Noah’s claims.

Hello Corp says: “he brings us all evidence and its just a 10 seconds recording of a still mounted camera footage. Doesn’t look around or go for a walk into town. As long as all the dumb fucks keep spewing money at Apex Tv, i highly doubt that they will give up on this charade.” HashySlash: “If I was a time traveler, I wouldn’t be rocking a 100 year old phone in my pocket. Just saying.”

Vintage devices are always cool. Just ask my Neopet.

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