VIDEO: A Famous Rapper KICKED OUT Youtuber Mikita Dragun for Being Transgender

Nikkita Dragun was kicked out of a famous rapper’s party for being transgender and was then propositioned for sex.

Nikkita Dragun was kicked out of a famous rapper’s party due to transphobia. Nikkita Dragun is a transgender makeup artist and beauty guru with over 1.9M subscribers who is considered a youth icon for transgender teens.

But Nikkita admits that being trans is not easy, and she took to her YouTube channel to tell a story she’s kept in for over a year.

Nikkita describes her experience on Halloween of 2017, when her friend invited her to a party at a famous rapper’s house. Nikkita did not reveal which rapper, as a matter of respect for their privacy, but she does say this rapper was a big one.

Nikkita did not see said rapper at the party, but was brushing shoulders with other celebs. Just as she was getting bored and ready to leave, someone who claimed to be close friends with the rapper approached her and her friend, looked down at her and said “You’re not suppoused to be here.”

Nikkita said she stood her ground and was defensive about being asked to leave, but the guy pushed back, saying that the rapper’s party thought she should leave because she is transgender.

Nikkita and her friends decided to leave but her friend mentioned how weird it it because the rapper in question is known to pursue trans women romantically, and as they’re walking out, they spot a Rolls Royce with the famous rapper inside

The rapper then asks his people to get their numbers and hours later they get a call to meet the rapper at a hotel room

Nikki then revealed she believed they were asked to leave so the rapper could get their info in private. But she felt so disrespected that they decided not to go

he comments section on this video went crazy with people outraged at the situation. But unfortunately Nikkita’s story is not uncommon and many times situations like that can turn violent.

According to the ACLU, the number of transgender and nonbinary people murdered has hit record highs and as many as one in 4 transgender people have been assaulted because they are trans. The ACLU said: “If we are to stop the staggering rise of violence against trans women …we must take meaningful steps to recognize the basic humanity of trans people in life and in death.”

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