VIDEO: Celine Dion Announces Gender Neutral Clothing Line

Our hearts go on to you, Celine.

A singer best known for her work with Titanic, and not as well known but should be known for her work in Deadpool 2, Celine Dion, has announced that she has created a gender neutral clothing line. Dion partnered with designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, who cofounded the children’s clothing brand NUNUNU– and Celine Dion’s clothing line was called CELINUNUNU, which is a very broad and cool pun, at least in my opinion.

Celine Dion announced the progressive clothing line with an exciting video of her walking into the newborns ward and blow dust into the pink and blue divided baby cribs to transform that pink and blue into a gender neutral white plus. The plus is a part of the Celine Dion clothing line — as is the eye adorned pajamas or the shirt that says “New World Order”. Celine Dion is then caught by security guards who presumably are not pro diverse gender expression. Although I don’t know. They just have to protect the babies.

Dion later said in the campaign: “Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.” Which is a fantastic message. Gender is fluid, no need to force one on your kid when they’re a dang baby!

Check out the video above, which includes all of the incredible cool designs, including stuff with skulls and eyeballs! Hey! We all got skulls and eyeballs!

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