VIDEO: Pro-Trump Columbia Sophomore Caught In Weird Racist Rant

If you want to see a racist throw a tantrum, this entry has the video for you.

This Columbia student harassed his black classmates in a racist rant that is going viral.

A long bigoted rant by Columbia sophomore Julian von Abele, implying Europeans built the modern world*, are now being denounced by the university as admin and students work to take more aggressive steps towards eliminating racism from campus. (*Note: Whatever the Europeans did or didn’t do in the West, they did it off the backs of non white people they have subjugated. Also, whatever this kid thinks other white people did or didn’t do, all he did was rant racist garbage into a cell phone video while being unable to control his tone.)

The video was recorded outside a campus dining hall. Freshman Kwolanne Felix told Buzzfeed that Julian was part of a group walking towards the dining hall, when he grabbed one of the women in the group. When she pulled away from him, he erupted into the racist rant, which was promptly recorded and can be seen above.

Von Able was praising Donald Trump, continuing the rant into the middle of the dining hall where he said: “I don’t hate other people; I just love white men!”

The students who posted the video hoped to expose the campus’s problem with racism, posting the video with the caption: “Disappointed but not surprised”.

Twitter user @blackgirlculture added “He continued to follow and harass a number of students following this encounter. When public safety was contacted they did nothing to protect these students.After the video went viral, the university responded with a statement that said”

Von Abel, the little squeaky voiced suited man in question, told the Daily Beast that the exchange began “when several students were accusing Trump supporters of encouraging sexual violence. I explained that I am a Trump supporter and I do not in any way encourage violence, sexual or otherwise. A large group of students gathered around me and told me that I had no right to share my views on women as I’m a white male with ‘white privilege.”

Of course, whatever he has to say is of course undermined by what was actually caught on video making him a… questionable narrator of this account, at best.

After the University got wind of the viral video, they responded by saying: “Statements of white racial superiority conflict with the University’s core value of inclusivity as well as the educational work and research that take place on our campuses. We are alarmed at the rise of incidents of racism and hate speech in our world today. It is more important than ever that we continually demonstrate our core values and restate our commitment to a diverse, inclusive community on campus. At Columbia, we stand firmly against white supremacist language and violence.”

School officials also called a meeting for “open reflection” Monday evening and said they’d create a new working group for bias incidents.

jjjVon Able later told the Daily Beast: “I am not a white supremacist or racist, nor do I subscribe to any views that support that ideology.”, which is also what every racist says when doing something racist. ESPECIALLY after they feel the slightest crumb of consequence.

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