VIDEO: Dolan Twins Hope to ‘Make Dad Proud’ in RETURN to YouTube

During their time of grieving, the Dolan twins said they are not quite ready to come back to to YouTube just yet, but when they do, they want to make their father proud.

During their time of grieving, the twins said they are not quite ready to come back to to YouTube just yet, but when they do, they want to make their father proud.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are internet creators, with over 9M subscribers and a loyal fanbase. Their father, Sean Dolan passed away recently following a two-and-a-half year battle with cancer. The twins have understandably stepped away from creating as they grieve with their family, only going on to social media to check in with fans, and tell them that they miss them.

During this time, the twins’ channel crossed the 9M subscriber mark, but understandably, the twins are not quite ready to come back yet. Grayson tweeted “Not really feeling 100% ready to come back yet, but I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot and I miss you all very much. Once we’re back we’re going HARD tho hahah. I want to make you guys, myself, and my Dad proud.”

Fans have been overwhelmingly supportive though this time, following a less than fun stint at their father’s funeral, when some fans thought it would be a good idea to crash the event using hashtags “#seandolanfuneralparty” and “#SeanDolanMeetUpParty”.

These fans did not respect the Dolan’s request for privacy, and were promptly detained by police.

However, this was just a small subset of fans, and thankfully the rest of the Dolan fanbase has been sending nothing but love and respect for their privacy, and while the twins have largely been off of social media, Ethan did share a letter he wrote to his dad so that his fans could understand the amazing person his Dad was, saying: “Dad, you were so much more to me than just my Dad… You are such a strong soul and you’ve made such a strong impact on more people than you would believe… I admire you so much for pushing through without a single complaint. You are the strongest man I will EVER know…You always put others first even if it meant the worst for yourself. You are the sweetest most caring man I will EVER know.:

Grayson said “You will forever be my best friend…You are responsible for making me the person that I am so proud to be today…You went always above and beyond for me. You never missed a sporting event, school event, show on tour, anything that ever meant anything to me you were always there to support me. Even when you were too sick to get up, you figured out a way to comfort me and help me with anything I needed….The lives you’ve changed and people you’ve impacted so deeply. You’re the man. I love you Dad.”

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