VIDEO: Dolan Twins TEASE Collab with Jeffree Star


The Dolan Twins are teasing an upcoming collab with Jeffree star and people are freaking out. Ethan and Grayson Dolan are internet creators, with over 9M subscribers and a loyal fanbase. Unfortunately, their father, Sean Dolan passed away recently following a two-and-a-half year battle with cancer. The twins have understandably stepped away from creating as they grieve with their family, but, they said, “Once we’re back we’re going HARD tho hahah. I want to make you guys, myself, and my Dad proud”.

Fans have been overwhelmingly supportive though this time and have been looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. And it looks like they have their answer. Grayson tweeted “Just filmed our first video in over a month and I’ve never felt better! Little special guest action too can you guess who!?

Jeffree Tweeted “Oh Hey there”, and Ethan added “Filming something crazy today”. The video should be released on Feb 19th, and fans are freaking out.

The collab comes as a natural progression from the Sister Squad. Which is comprised of James Charles, Emma Chaimberlain and the Dolan Twins. James Charles is also good friends with Jeffree. Collaborating on many makeup centered videos together.

Hanging around James, The Dolan Twins have of course dabbled in makeup, and fans are wondering if they might do something similar with Jeffree. Fans are excited to see their favorite hardworking creators come together and make something great.

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