VIDEO: Elon Musk Working on Child Size Submarine to Save Kids in Thailand

Meanwhile, the rescue is underway, with four children extracted from the cave in, and one diver having passed away.


As the Thai rescue of a soccer team from is underway, Elon Musk has revealed he is at work developing a small sub meant to help house the children currently trapped in the cave. He has posted to Twitter videos of the machine at work.

Elon Musk seems to have become the master of incredible and exciting solutions to problems. Solutions that, to his critics, are sometimes flashier than they are practical . For example, look, I ain’t no scientist, I’m just a… whatcha call it… humble blog writer, but can we try to fix this planet until we let billionaires decide we should switch planets? Not all of us can afford to switch planets, you know. Switching apartment is enough of a migraine. In any case, as the rescue of a Thai soccer team is underway, with brave members of the Thai navy risking life and limb, Elon Musk has revealed he is creating a child size submarine, and is taking advice from Twitter on what to do with it.

We must admit it looks pretty cool and it could indeed come in handy if currently ongoing and tragic rescue hits a wall and is in an environment for the sub to work better. Check out the video of Elon Musk showing the child size submarine team in action.

The cave in that trapped a Thai soccer team has been making headlines for the absolute difficulty of the rescue as the cave continues to fill up with water. There have already been deaths in those diving, but the rescue is underway, with four children rescued thus far as divers place oxygen tanks throughout the route of the cave. These men are incredibly brave and deserve all the honors that we can bestow upon them. The Australian Navy has been involved in the rescue.

While it’s unknown if Elon Musk’s rescue submarines will be finished in time for the rescue proper, the technology developed inside them certainly looks promising enough for rescues in the future. Musk, a fan himself of Reddit and other forms of public conversation and information gathering, is using social media to aggregate new idea for his submarine — including an internal speaker system.

However, may critics are pointing out that the solution — with its focus on speed and with its bulky size, would simply not work, and others are irritated that Elon Musk is using a tragedy to self promote, showcasing his inventions very publicly on Twitter.

However Musk seems aware of the possibility of the invention not working, and is hoping that if it is not useful here it will find uses in future situations.

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