VIDEO: Famous Bikini Hiker Dies Of Hypothermia

This is tragic.

The woman who became known as the Bikini Hiker has tragically died from hypothermia. Gigi Wu went viral after posting photos of herself on some of Taiwan’s highest mountains wearing only a bikini. Gigi said the idea started after she lost a bet with a friend, who dared her to take pictures in a bikini on top of a mountain.

Since then, she had completed around 100 hikes and worn at least 97 different bikinis over the past four years. Wu gained thousands of fans on her Facebook page as was aptly nick-named “the bikini hiker”. When asked why she continued to do it, she replied: “It just looks so beautiful, what’s not to like?”

But unfortunately, tragedy struck on Gigi’s latest hike. Gigi had planned a 35 day solo hike beginning in Yushan National Park on January 11. Eight days into the hike, Gigi accidentally fell 65 feet into a valley and became trapped. Wu used a satellite phone on January 19 to call for help, also stating that she had suffered injuries from her fall.

The National Airborne Service Corps sent Black Hawk rescue helicopters on three separate attempts but were unfortunately unable to locate her due to poor weather conditions. They did however send their top rescue team who hiked for 28 hours to reach the body.

Unfortunately, Gigi is believed to have died of hypothermia after temperatures dropped to below freezing. A lot of people are making fun of Gigi on social media, but people are coming to her defense Obviously, wearing the appropriate gear while hiking is extremely important for safety. And you should also check weather forecasts before you go, and if you do decide to take a selfie in a dangerous location, always remain alert and follow safety precautions even if you are searching for the perfect shot.

And be mindful because this happens more often than you might think.

Not long ago, we reported on two YouTubers, Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh, who died In a Waterfall Accident while swimming in British Columbia, and Wu Yung Ning, who died after attempting a wall climbing stunt in South East china.

To celebrate Gigi’s life, you can visit her legacy page on Facebook. Here at What’s Trending, we’re sending our thoughts to Gigi’s family and loved ones.

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